Our Vision

There is a dramatic, continuous change in the way media is being produced — now, today — for brands of all sizes. Linking these brands with young and ambitious creators is how Ablinq is embracing that change. We are pioneering a new way of building relationships with skilful creators, brands and collaborators to create content that is genuinely different, genuinely captivating.

The Team

The miracle of collaboration. See our talented team that pull the productions together from all angles. We’re always building our network and expanding our associates. Email expand@ablinq.co.uk or pop into HQ, we'll have an open door and a coffee at the ready.

Our History

Where it all began...

Ablinq is a young and passionate team,
Sharing the same ambitious dream,
All we really want to do,
Is make media packages bespoke to you.

Our journey began just three years ago,
When producing our first brand video,
Supported by a footwear brand,
We took to the golf course, camera in hand.

Content marketing is number one,
Produce and release is how it's done,
Adverts for computers, adverts for phones,
Cameras on tripods, cameras on drones.

From a full brand film to a single shot,
A job too big or small there is not,
We help our clients in many different ways,
Creative expansion is our turn of phrase.

Our roots first set in videography,
Then branching out to photography,
Numbers and adverts are handled with ease,
Our founders have finance and marketing degrees.

Making movements in media marketing,
Compelling content and clever targeting,
Our content works, why not give us a try?
Everything can change in Ablinq of an eye.

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